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for some reason my villagers wont build a dock

they wont build anything :( or gather anything

Hmm well it is quite a slow game, have you tried checking on them a day or two (in real life) after starting?

I hope more updates come out for this game it was a fun idle game.

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Aw, thanks! I'm not really working on it anymore though.

When I download and launch it, nothing happens.

Bummer! What's your computer setup like?

I have windows 10 on a laptop.

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you probably have too much storage used up... thats what it sounds like at least

i only say cuz i opened it and it launched fine for me and im using the same thing as you

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what building do i build first and is the quickest

Definitely the shelter, which is already mostly built! The fishing docks will be helpful for food after that :)

but the progress meter barely even goes up

i left the game on last night and it finished,

but how long does it take for babys to grow


It's a slow game, you can exit the game and come back and time will pass naturally. The whole thing takes about two weeks to play, checking in on it a couple times a day.

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I am having an issue opening the game. It will fully load but then the screen will disappear the moment it finishes loading.

Aw, heck! Have you been playing it for a while, or is it from a fresh download? I know there's a bug later in the game with the science research.

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Hi, yes it was later into the game.

I'll work on fixing that next time I work on the game, thanks for bringing it up and I'm sorry it breaks the game :(

ok so i just had a baby grow to a new villager but no new villager spawned (population shows 4/5) but i only have 3 on the screen :( 


nvm, i closed it and re-opened and the child showed up

phew, glad that worked out in the end :)

might be a bug, it keeps happening, if the game is closed and a baby ages up into a child it does not appear until the game is closed and re-opened. i got up to 8 villigers but my food ran out and they all starved lol, its hard to keep a good balance, since u cant mate 80 year olds with young'uns.  trying again :D

Good luck! Next time I work on the game I'll be sure to investigate that bug, thanks. :)

i see im not the only one who has played way too much virtual villagers XD

I don't know what you mean hehe


This is great! I haven't played many idle games but this one is compelling to me because it's about a little community rather than about maximizing money or whatever. I've found it surprisingly hard to survive and be productive before my people get too old to reproduce. But I think I'm figuring it out now. 

Glad to hear you're enjoying it! It's definitely a priority for me to make the beginning of the game a bit easier and quicker, since there's some fun stuff in the late game but people need to actually make it that far to see it all haha

I love it! Unfortunately the Mac App didn't work for me (just unzipped to a raw Contents folder), but the jar works great!

Ah, nice! I don't have a mac so I couldn't test it, but I'm glad the jar worked for you :)

I know I'm a TAD bit late on this response, haha, but the .jar is actually inside the Contents folder, under Resources.

Nice! It's never truly too late haha

Nice game

Thanks! :)